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Bill O’Reilly Can’t Explain a lot of Things

March 2, 2011

You Can't Explain That!

Recently, Fox News’ OG Bill O’Reilly made headlines when he made the statement that tides can’t be explained by science. When (I am guessing) he was told that was a stupid thing to say, he backtracked a bit, but still questioned the moon’s existence. Being the exploitative bastard that the internet is, a new meme was born about Bill O’Reilly trying to explain things not having an explanation.

Mark Gormley is a Legend

Power Stance

For those not in the know, Mark Gormley made music videos on some public access channel (I think) in Florida called The Uncharted Zone.

One of the videos blew up pretty big and was an e-hit.. Without You.

Watch it.  It’s amazing.

Ninja Turtle Training

August 30, 2010

Very Serious Ninja Training

In case you haven’t seen it, there is a video on Youtube that has gotten pretty big.  It is of a bear spinning a stick.  This picture is my thought process on how that bear learned to spin his stick.